Fat Pete’s Barbecue Meat & Vegetable Smoking Company is pleased to offer full service catering services and delivery to the Washington metropolitan area. From the smallest gathering to the largest venue, Fat Pete’s BBQ will cater the best BBQ meats, fish and poultry along with hand crafted side dishes to your event.

The kitchen of Fat Pete’s Barbecue is passionately attended by Executive Chef Howard Greenberg and Pit Master Brendan Woody who bring expertise and a daring touch of curiosity to their cooking. This translates into subtle yet distinct flavors in the smoked and specialty BBQ they produce.

Catering services include menu planning, specialized cooking to meet your event needs, delivery and set up as requested, along with the most mouth watering BBQ and side dishes that our smoking team can summon. If desired, we can provide staff to handle every detail from start to finish, including set-up, service and takedown.

Located just steps away from the National Zoo on Connecticut Avenue and just one block from the Cleveland Park (Red Line metro stop), you can arrange to pickup or choose the ease of delivery to your front door. If you decide on pickup, be sure to stay for the live music on select Friday and Saturday evenings. Check the events page for more details.

For more information on Fat Pete’s Catering please contact Kate at 202-770-7955 or Click Here to download the full menu

Catering Menu


Smoked Wings $24.99/dozen
Smoked Tofu Satay $13.95/dozen
Cocktail Meatballs $13.95/dozen
Buffalo Wings $12.99/dozen
Creole Deviled Eggs $12.95/dozen
Fried Green Tomatoes $13.95/dozen
Sliders (choice of NC chopped pork, pulled chicken, chopped brisket, or smoked turkey) $36/dozen
ABT’s $23.99/dozen
Crudite Tray $60 Tray (serves 20)
Smoked Red Pepper Hummus $70 Tray (serves 20)
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $75 Tray (serves 20)


Half Pan (Serves 10) / Whole Pan (Serves 20)
House Salad Half $40.00/Full $80.00
Fresh Fruit Salad Half $40.00/Full $80.00
Greek Salad Half $40.00/Full $80.00
Spinach Salad Half $45.00/Full $85.00


Potato Rolls $6/dozen
Slider Rolls $4.25/Dozen

From Our Pit

Pulled Pork $14.99/lb.
Pulled Chicken $14.99/lb.
NC Chopped Pork $14.99/lb.
Sliced Brisket $2299/lb.
Chopped Brisket $21.49/lb.
Smoked Turkey $17.99/lb.
Whole Smoked Chicken $15.99 Each
St. Louis Spare or Baby Rack Ribs $25.99 Full Rack
Wild Smoked Salmon $21.99/lb (3 lb minimum)


Half Pan (Serves 20) / Full Pan (Serves 40)
BBQ Beans Half $40.00/Full $80.00
Collard Greens Half $40.00/Full $80.00
Macaroni & Cheese Half $45.00/Full $90.00
Coleslaw $40.00/Full $80.00
Potato Salad $45.00/Full $90.00
Cheddar & Jalapeno Grits $50.00/Full $100.00
Candied Yams $50.00/Full $100.00
Cornbread $30 Tray (serves 20)
Hush Puppes $10/dozen

Housemade Sauces

We provide 8oz of sauce free with every 2 lbs of meat ordered. Additional Sauces – 8oz $4 / 16oz $6 / 32oz $10
Alabama White
Texas Mop
South Carolina Mustard
Carolina Vinegar


Bread Pudding Half Pan (Serves 16) $45.00 / Whole Pan (Serves 32) $80.00
Watermelon Slices $1.25 each
Mississippi Mud 40oz Bowl (Serves 8-10) $40.00 / 80oz Bowl (Serves 18-20) $70.00
Banana Pudding 40oz Bowl (Serves 8-10) $40.00 / 80oz Bowl (Serves 18-20) $70.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.50 Each
Brownie $1.99 Each


Soda 12oz Can – Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mist Twist, Mug Rootbeer, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush. $1.25 each
Bottled Water $1.25 each
Brisk Iced tea, lemonade, or Fruit Pinch $2.00 each

All Your Other Needs

Set Up (Fork, knife, spoon, napkin & plate) $1.25 each
Disposable Chafing Dish $9 each
Delivery Fee – DC $40, VA/MD $60

Party Packages

Gameday Party

Feeds 10-12 People
12 Smoked Wings (drumettes), 12 Chopped Pork or Pulled Chicken Sliders, 12 ABT’s, 24 Hush Puppies

Office Luncheon

Feeds 10-12 ppl
4 Lbs of Chopped Pork or Pulled Chicken, 1 qt. of Coleslaw, BBQ Beans, Mac & Cheese, 12 Potato Rolls, 12 Chocolate Chip Cookies or Watermelon Slices

Tailgate Feast

Feeds 10-12 ppl
2 Qts Texas Chili, 3 racks Spare Ribs or Baby Backs, 3 lb Chopped Pork or Pulled Chicken, 2 Qts each of Coleslaw, Mac and Cheese and BBQ Beans, 12 pieces Cornbread

Pig Pickin

Feeds 75 ppl
Whole Hog – Smoked for 12-18 hours (70 lbs approx.), 2 Pans (28 Qts) Baked Beans, 4 Bowls (28 Qts) Coleslaw, 3 Trays Cornbread – served with apple butter

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