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Born into a love of Barbecue

It’s a dedication to the art of smoking meat and vegetables.

Fat Pete’s is about barbecue and, more importantly, the art of smoking meats and vegetables. We treat it as an art form and we take it seriously. Our meats are hand picked, our vegetables are fresh and our thinking is creative. We strive to provide our customers, friends and family with not only the best smoked food, but the best experience when it comes to flat out, stomach filling, smile on your face BBQ.  We leave you with a happy to be alive feeling when eating our food.

Not just cooks, we are artisans of barbecue.

Howard (Hondo) Greenberg is a formally trained chef who is passionate about his barbecue and even more passionate about sharing it with others. We believe that when BBQ is done right, its pretty darn close to being in heaven. We are not Texas and not North Carolina nor Memphis or Atlanta, we are "life is short, so make it the best you possibly can so you never forget it" kind of BBQ.

We are here to serve you.

Fat Pete's BBQ Meat & Vegetable Smoking Company is open 7 days a week beginning at 11:30am and is available for private events, parties, and carry-out orders. We can provide catering meals to go or cater your event on location anywhere within the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

Call us at 202.362.7777 to place carry-out orders or to learn more about our catering offerings. We don’t take reservations but you can always call ahead to see what we’re up to.

Get smoked!

- Fat Pete